Transfer of value (2018) deals with imaginary properties.

When the listener becomes the composer in creating imaginary music for the inner ear- then what about the copyrights?


In the afternoon on the 26th of April 2018 Transfer of Value was performed for the first time ever, as a part of the Danish Science Festival at Peryton in Copenhagen K.

An imaginary text-music-piece was handed out to the audience that would read the text and imagine music for their inner ear.


Transfer of Value takes the consequences of the ultimate audience involvement: copyrights are dissolved and split among the audience. If you take part in the proces of imagining the work, you will receive a payment from KODA (Assuming that you are a registered KODA member).


Copyright came to exist along with book printing in the middle ages, and Transfer of Value discusses the notion of copyrights within a pre-alphabetic perspective prior to the age of copyright.