Recepteur d´observation de la nature (2019) is a selfdestructing 12" acetate record relased in 1 copy which investigates what happens when site specific sound (and matter in general) is mediated within post-thruth times.


The sound on the acetate record features field-recordings from the spring of 2018.

On one side; recordings from the beaches of Fanø and on the other side; ambient sound from my office at the RMC in Copenhagen.


The fieldrecordings was made with a parabolic microphone with a build-in recorder, and due to the poor quality of the microphone, the recordings are very much influenced by the media - in this case the parabolic microphone, resulting in a distorted recording of the different places.

The sound of the shoreline becomes very similar to the sound of an office- the sound becomes sitespecific and non-sitespecific at the same time.


The experience of the actual sounds from the beach and the office got lost in the second they were recorded and played back - in the second they were mediated.


Each time the acetate record is played back, the acetate gradually deteriorates due to the softness of the acetate, and each time the sound gets even more distorted offering a new sound just as (non)real as the inital sitespecific recording.

The record can be borrowed for one week at a time by sending a mail to contact(at)