Instruments (2020)

Various instruments encased in acrylic.

instrument (plural instruments)

  1. A device used to produce music. quotations 
    The violinist was a master of the instrument.
  2. A means or agency for achieving an effect. quotations 
  3. A measuring or displaying device.
    The instrument detected an increase in radioactivity.
  4. A tool, implement used for manipulation or measurement.
    The dentist set down the tray of instruments.
    The scientist recorded the temperature with a thermometer but wished he had a more accurate instrument.
  5. (law) A legal document, such as a contract, deed, trust, mortgage, power, indenture, or will.
    A bond indenture is the instrument that gives a bond its value.
    Negotiable instruments are the foundation of the debt markets.
  6. (figuratively) A person used as a mere tool for achieving a goal.

Instrument was supported by

the Danish Arts Foundation