Fatamorgana (2021-)

Fatamorgana is a performance that took place in Deep Forest Art Land in September 2021.

Situated in the landscape I played the alto recorder placed far away from the guests (and the recording microphone), so that you would listen through the landscape and all the sounds of the landscape (traffic, forrest sound, people sounds, recorder sounds etc.) 

The music that is being played is a NemID keycard, translating the numbers of the keycard to notes.

(A part of the Personfølsom Musik series).

NemID (EasyID) keycards was in use 2010-2023 and contained a list of one-time codes that one used as a level of security when logging into private and public digital platforms to access services like banking, health care, and other services vital to individuals in Denmark, the Faroe Islands andKalaallit Nunaat (Greenland).

A personal and yet total anonymous registrar; a hollow structure which embodied the instrumentalized approach to the citizens of Rigsfællesskabet (the commonwealth).