Du er ikke alene (2022-2023)

Du er ikke alene (You are not alone) is a large scale outdoor anechoic sculpture park commissioned by the municipality of the city of Struer in a collaboration with Ny Carlsbergfondet and with support by the Danish Arts Foundation.

The sculptures are to be placed two different places in Struer, and will mark the entrance to the city when arriving by train. The framework of the piece is the anechoic wedge known from anechoic chambers, often fetishised within soundart circles for its acoustic properties and also the very dramatic aesthetics of the room in general.

Wereas the fascination of the anechoic chamber often is oriented towards the idea of silence and the idea of scientific neutrality in isolation oneself from the outside world -I´m interested in the quite opposite.

Hence the outdoor sculpture park is a deconstructed anechoic chamber turned inside out and thereby letting the world in - giving up the idea of human control and neutrality. 

Usually anechoic wedges are made from anechoic foam, but in this case the wedges will be made from raw Danish pine wood, allowing insects and other species to inhabit the sculpture as well as humans.

The outdoor anechoic sculture park will be finished in the fall of 2023.